Detail work at Rae Bridge (2006)

Ted Polet

May, 2006 - After almost a year without any progress , over the past weeks I added a lot of detail to Rae Bridge station. At the upper end of the station a lattice footbridge materialised, based on a Hornby kit. In addition, the point rods and signal wires were modelled (non-operating of course, as the real mechanical operating system is below the baseboard). A ground frame hut and associated signalling hardware materialised beyond the footbridge and telegraph poles and platform lights were added. Finally, I built a ground signal controlling the yard exit to the main through lines.

Modelling the point rodding and signal wiring was a complicated matter due to all the small details such as rod guides, angle cranks and pulleys where the wires are led around corners and the way all of this is passed underneath the track.

June, 2006 - Rae Bridge works has been completed at last. Recent work includes:

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