Mariahöhe (2007)

Henk Wust & Derk Huisman

Mariahöhe is a joint project by Henk Wust and Derk Huisman, which consists of a narrow gauge unit (by Henk) and a standard gauge unit (by Derk). Derk supplied the technical know-how and Henk (as usual) the scenery. The scene represents a 1960s German small town with a cement plant just outside the medieval town gate. To the left a quarry stretches away, with a stone crusher to supply the cement factory. The quarry and the manufacturing process feature a narrow gauge line; the finished product is carried off by DB standard gauge trains. In front of the cement plant is mixed gauge track.

Special features of this layout are the various levels in the industrial area and the scenic vanishing tricks Henk is well known for. De cement plant has moving parts like a transporter belt and moving machinery in the stone crusher. All buildings are scratchbuilt using Henk's various techniques, resulting in a great variety of textures. No plastic building kits here.

To the right a fiddle yard attaches to the standard gauge station. Henk can connect the narrow gauge area to part of his forestry layout to make up a full-fledged narrow gauge railway, or if he wants the quarry and cement factory on its own he can add a short unit to the right featuring a loading belt for lorries.

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