Visitors to the C&DR

Part 1: Wessex Narrow Gauge Modellers members

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Over the years the C&DR has been host to many visiting 009 models built by other modellers. Some of these were historic models by P.D.Hancock, Mike Sharman and David Mander. Others were built by well-known contemporary 009 modellers like Mick Thornton, Jaap Stuurman and Ian Turner. In these pages I will show a selection of photos made on these occasions.

This page deals with visiting models by Mick Thornton, Ian Turner and Lee Bryant.

In 2004 we ran 'Atlantic' with Mick’s (then) new carriages over the layout. These are very detailed and beautifully finished compared to the single austere C&DR carriage in the middle of the train. I should start doing something about that. To the right the train arrives in Dunalistair, where Mick’s Australian-inspired ‘NaF’class Baldwin no. 15 'Matilda' is waiting on the turntable.

Left: a double-headed train hauled by no 10 'Beatrice' by Mick and (ex Darjeeling) loco 5 'Shiva' of my own leaves Dunalistair, with six of Mick’s carriages. Right: no. 18 'Ryan' of Mick’s M&IR gets a push by C&DR no. 14 'Calabar' on Glenclachan Viaduct.

Left: the beautifully finished ‘Pugbash’ no. 11 'Jordan' makes a pretty picture on Inverlochan Moor (2004). Right: the Roving Reporter’s inspection railcar leaving Dunalistair (2010).

Left: another view of Mick’s inspection railcar on Inverlochan Moor. Right: Weemoira under way with the C&DR’s first class four-wheeler.

Left: Mick’s interpretation of the ex Clogher Valley railcar in County Donegal Railways livery at Dunalistair. Right: a train of diesel railcars based on Donegal prototypes entering Rae Bridge station and crossing a Tralee & Dingle look-alike cattle train, of Mick’s cattle vans and my own Tralee & Dingle Hunslet no. 3D (photos by Mick Thornton).

Left: Mick’s Donegal style railcar train in the station at Rae Bridge. Right: the C&DR Garratt with two snowploughs built by Mick Thornton. One of these is lettered for Mick’s Mull & Iona Railway, the other for the C&DR (left photo by Mick Thornton, the other by Lee Bryant).

Two views of Mick’s cattle train hauled into Dunalistair by my own Dingle Hunslet no. 3D (photos by Mick Thornton).

Ian Turner visited the C&DR on several occasions. Ian is a locomotive builder, and on these occasions several of Ian’s locomotives ran over the C&DR. To the left a comparison of two engines built from the Chivers Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0 kit. One is my own 0-8-0 Ariadne, the other was built as intended, a nice industrial 0-6-0 by Ian. To the right is Ian’s Tasmanian K1 Garratt, built from a Golden Arrow kit on a scratchbuilt chassis (photos by Ian Turner).

More views of Ian’s NGG16s visiting the C&DR, in Dunalistair and Rae Bridge (photos by Ian Turner).

Another NGG16 in Rae Bridge, and to the right another piece of superpower, a Rio Turbio 2-10-2, on Rae Bridge in 2004. All these engines run through the tight curves on my layout (photos by Ian Turner).

Left: Lee Bryant’s Barclay 0-6-2 piloting my own ‘Atlantic’ out of Dunalistair during the Valkenburg show in 2010 (photo by Lee). Right: one of Ian Turner’s excellent NGG16s on the viaduct in the Gorge (photos by Ian Turner).

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