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Part 2: P.D.Hancock - Craig & Mertonford

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On several occasions historic locomotives built by P.D.Hancock for his Craig & Mertonford Railway have run over the C&DR. In 1993 he sent over his locomotive ‘Colin’ together with an open wagon. In 2005 Ian Turner came across the saddle tank ‘Angus’, based on Ffestiniog ‘Prince’, and put it on Rae Bridge at the Exbury Gardens show. Finally in 2006 Rod Allcock and Warren Dawson visited the Valkenburg show, and Rod brought ‘Moira’ and ‘Duncan’ which he had restored to working order. These remained in Holland for a long time and were used on extra trains over the C&DR.

Two photos of ex-CMR ‘Angus’ taken by my brother at Exbury Gardens in 2005. The wagon is the one given to me by P.D.Hancock in 1993.

Left: ‘Duncan’ and my own vertical boiler loco ‘Jock’ make a nice pair in Dunalistair station. Right: ‘Moira’ with the CMR wagon in the same spot. Photos by Warren Dawson.

Left: ‘Colin’ arrives in Dunalistair from Craig as a deck load on ‘Renfrew Lass’ in 1993. Right: ‘Colin’ and the first-class four-wheeler posing on the bridge in Glenclachan Gorge.

Left: ‘Duncan’ shunting in Rae Bridge in 2006. Right: ‘Moira’ and the branch train departing from Dunalistair. The bogies under the coach are original CMR items as well as the wagon.

‘Duncan’ crossing the Glenclachan viaduct and continuing to Inverlochan .

Left: ‘Duncan’ stopping near the ruined winding house above Rae Bridge. Right: ‘Moira’ and a short train on Inverlochan Moor.

’Moira’ and train on Glenclachan viaduct, and arriving at Rae Bridge. The loco would in reality never have made this journey as it would have stuck in the tunnels.

’Moira’ continuing over the river bridges near the distillery, and finally arriving at Dunalistair.

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